Learner Positioning Systems

We build research-based Models to help you understand each learner and create innovative products that support learner variability.

LPS: Navigating Learner Variability


We translate learning sciences research into accessible Models for designing products and practices that meet the needs of diverse learners.


Our interconnected framework begins with Factors categorized under four pillars of learning: Content, Cognition, Social and Emotional Learning, and Student Background.


We surface research-based strategies that support the Factors and inform design and practice.

Reach More Learners

Using LPS, you can more easily create products and practices that reach the full diversity of learners.

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Edtech Teams

Use our Product Explorer tool to explore how your product supports learner variability and to build new features to reach more learners. The goal? Let LPS help you make research-based design decisions faster.

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Grant Funding RFP

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